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Our Story

Our Story

Etéreo’s founder Hamade Nasser had the vision and desire to bring a luxurious Mexican heritage to Europe by Creating an ultra premium tequila with a unique recipes that he has developed in Mexico. Etéreo is born in the land that has been nourished by the Tequila Volcano for thousands of years, where our Blue Agave grows naturally fertilised by volcanic minerals that have generated optimal conditions to provide an exceptional profile to the pineapples that over the years have been enriched by the subsoil. The climate of the region is also a determining factor in characterising the crops that bear the Tequila Denomination of Origin.

The Story behind Etereo Tequila

From the first moment he tasted the distinct flavor of blue agave, Hamade was enamored with the spirit of tequila. But it wasn’t until a serendipitous journey to the western state of Jalisco that he truly understood the dedication, patience, and love that goes into every bottle. The local jimadors, seasoned with years of experience and wisdom, took Hamade under their wing, guiding him through the time-honored tradition of agave cultivation and harvesting. It was a way of life that resonated deeply with Hamade, inspiring him to craft something that honored this Mexican tradition, while also introducing it to a new audience in Europe.

Etéreo – meaning ethereal, a reflection of the exquisite nature of this spirit – was thus born. Hamade carefully selected the best blue agave plants, matured for at least seven years under the radiant Mexican sun before being harvested by the skilled hands of the local jimadors. He ensured the traditional baking process was adhered to, slow-cooking the agave in stone ovens to unlock their rich and sweet juices. Finally, the natural fermentation and double distillation stages were meticulously monitored to capture the essence of the plant in every drop, while achieving a smooth, crisp profile that sets Etéreo apart.

To bring his vision to fruition, Hamade established a state-of-the-art distillery right in the heart of Jalisco. The distillery, combining traditional methods with innovative technologies, is a testament to his commitment to both the heritage and the future of tequila making. Etéreo Tequila, with its clear, warm heart and unique taste, embodies the land, tradition, and craftsmanship that Hamade experienced in his first journey to Jalisco. It’s not just a drink, it’s a celebration of Mexican culture and a luxurious bridge between two continents. Today, as you savor a sip of Etéreo, you’re not just tasting tequila – you’re experiencing a piece of Hamade’s dream, a testament to his vision of sharing this magnificent Mexican heritage with the world.