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In our quest to share the luxurious experience of Etéreo Tequila with the world, we have established offices in several strategic locations. Each of these offices plays a crucial role in our mission, ensuring that every sip of Etéreo Tequila captures the richness of our Mexican heritage, regardless of where our customers might be. From handling operations and distribution to building relationships with liquor resellers and customers, our offices across the globe work tirelessly to bring Etéreo to the palates of discerning consumers. Whether it’s from the vibrant cityscape of Miami or the charming sophistication of Lausanne, the bustling metropolis of London, or the romantic allure of Paris, we’re dedicated to serving you and ensuring that our tequila transcends borders, bringing people together in a shared appreciation for luxury and tradition. Now, let us introduce you to these international hubs of Etéreo.

Miami Office: With its dynamic multicultural scene and vibrant nightlife, Miami was a natural choice for one of Etéreo Tequila’s primary offices. Located in the heart of this bustling metropolis, our Miami office is the hub of our operations in the United States. This office acts as the link between our Mexican heritage and the diverse consumers in the U.S, particularly in Florida, who have embraced the luxurious experience that is Etéreo Tequila. Through strong relationships with liquor resellers and personalized service to our customers, the Miami office upholds our vision of sharing Etéreo’s unique taste across the United States.

Lausanne Office: Nestled within the picturesque city of Lausanne, Switzerland, our European headquarters sits elegantly amidst the Swiss landscape. Here in Lausanne, our team tirelessly works to distribute Etéreo Tequila throughout Europe, reaching countries like Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and Romania. Our Swiss office also manages the distribution to a selection of reputable liquor resellers, ensuring that every bottle of Etéreo reaches our discerning consumers in perfect condition, and on time.

Paris Office: Paris, the city of lights and synonymous with sophisticated tastes, houses one of our prestigious offices. From here, we manage our operations in France, where Etéreo Tequila has become a symbol of luxury and refinement within the spirits market. The Paris office oversees our distribution to local liquor resellers, and is central to promoting the brand’s vision to French consumers, who have warmly embraced the Mexican heritage infused within every sip of Etéreo Tequila.

London Office: Etéreo’s presence in London, a global epicenter of culture and business, marks a significant milestone in our journey. The London office is at the forefront of our expansion in the United Kingdom, orchestrating distribution and marketing efforts. It ensures that every bottle of Etéreo Tequila graces the shelves of premium liquor resellers, reaching those who appreciate the unique blend of tradition and luxury that our brand offers. As we continue to grow, our London office is instrumental in forging new partnerships and bringing Etéreo’s exquisite taste to more locations across the UK.

Each of these offices is a critical piece of the Etéreo puzzle, working in harmony to bring our distinct tequila to more people around the globe. Through our network of offices and resellers, we aim to make the luxurious experience of Etéreo accessible to everyone, regardless of where they are. With more offices set to open soon, we are excited about the future, and look forward to bringing Etéreo to even more locations worldwide.