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“ETÉREO” The Spanish translation for Ethereal in english: “Extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world.”

Etereo. More Than a Tequila

Etéreo’s founder Hamade Nasser had the vision and desire to bring a luxurious Mexican heritage to Europe by Creating an ultra premium tequila with a unique recipies that he has developed in Mexico..Etéreo is born in the land that has been nourished by the Tequila Volcano for thousands of years, where our Blue Agave grows naturally fertilised by volcanic minerals that have generated optimal conditions to provide an exceptional profile to the pineapples that over the years have been enriched by the subsoil. The climate of the region is also a determining factor in characterising the crops that bear the Tequila Denomination of Origin. Each agave plant is carefully nurtured and hand-harvested by skilled jimadores, ensuring that only the finest piñas are selected for production. The artisanal process respects traditional methods, combined with modern techniques to create a tequila that embodies the essence of Mexican craftsmanship.

Etereo. A Unique Process.

Casa fogonero our distillery located in the state of jalisco benefits from the region semi dry climate with limited rainfall for only a couple of months and warm temperatures for most of the year. This environment allows the Agave to develop a herbal flavor profile, rather than a sweet one, providing us with a versatile and unique taste. Our Agave fields are situated eight miles from a volcanic crater in Amatitán, Jalisco, where the intense blue of the Agave stalks contrasts against the deep red of the soil, lit up by the strong sun. Our fields maintain the traditional manual labor done by local workers who prepare the soil without the use of modern machinery, just as it has been done for generations. Additionally, weeds are cleared twice a year to ensure the optimal growth of the Agave. Our current production capacity will last for the next five years, but each year we aim to increase it..

Get to know Etereo

ETÉREO is taking a diferent turn on tequila’s traditional folkloric approach. ETÉREO is a perfectly balanced blend of Mexican heritage, European fair and Mediterranean lifestyle. It is the defnition of understated luxury With a rich and favorful taste paired with an exceptionally smooth fnish across the range, we are bringing the product up to levels of high end champagne, whiskys, and cognacs while retaining a more relaxed and upper casual feel.

Etereo. A Lifestyle Purveyor

We are selling a Lifestyle paired with emotions, hype, good vibes, limited supply and prestige. We differentiate ourselves by offering a unique experience through a carefully curated & inspirational instagram gallery feed, influencer marketing and exclusive events worldwide, inspired by the work of legendary photographers Slim Aarons Mario Testino, we already started creating content celebrating the unapologetically glamorous Lifestyle portrayed by these masters.